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what does acupuncture treat? Well known in the US for its pain relieving properties, acupuncture also is effective for a wide variety of conditions. It has been endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). These bodies have declared acupuncture an effective treatment for the following conditions:

why try acupuncture? While acupuncture is widely known to relieve pain, it is also helpful for many conditions in which pain is not primary, including a wide variety of chronic conditions.

what does it feel like? The needles used to stimulate acupuncture points are very slender; barely beyond the thickness of a human hair.

how does acupuncture work? Acupuncture is based on the movement of qi (“chi”). Qi is the life-energy that circulates within channels to all organs of the body and enables them to function.

what is ‘qi’? Qi is a chinese term that has no exact translation into English. Many people refer to it as energy, or a life force. Think of qi as function.

do I have to believe in acupuncture for it to work? Acupuncture has been used successfully with children and animals, neither of whom have preconceived beliefs about the effectiveness of acupuncture.

what about acupuncture and conventional medical care? Acupuncture can be undertaken at the same time that other treatment modalities and medications are being used.

what training is required to become an acupuncturist? You must graduate from an approved and/or accredited school of acupuncture with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture or Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

do you accept insurance? We are considered an out of network provider for all insurance plans. If your policy covers out of network providers for acupuncture we will bill them for you. We do not currently accept PIP/MVA claims or workman's compensation claims.

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