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Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain – NYTimes.com

I hope you’ve got good get out of town plans for Labor Day weekend.  It’s important.  As I mentioned in my recent blog about getting off the grid, there is something so important about unplugging from technology, not receiving calls and emails, and just being for a few days.  I know it sounds like a luxury, but it’s more than that – it’s essential for your brain and your body.  I promise you’ll be more productive when you return!

“THIS month, many Americans will take time off from work to go on vacation, catch up on household projects and simply be with family and friends. And many of us will feel guilty for doing so. We will worry about all of the emails piling up at work, and in many cases continue to compulsively check email during our precious time off.

But beware the false break. Make sure you have a real one….If we can train ourselves to take regular vacations — true vacations without work — and to set aside time for naps and contemplation, we will be in a more powerful position to start solving some of the world’s big problems. And to be happier and well rested while we’re doing it.”

-via Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain – NYTimes.com.


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Off the grid

I got out of Portland for the weekend and spent three great days out in nature, camping, hiking, taking photos and spending time with friends.  I think it’s really important to plan time off the grid – away from phones and computers.  Every time I do it, I wonder why I don’t do it more often.

nature, time and patience

I think it’s so easy to get caught up in technology and it’s promise of faster/easier/more  and to not be aware of the stress it brings. Of always being on and reachable and expected to respond.  I never think it impacts me that much until I go a few days without it and find out how much more relaxed and less stressed I am.

DSC_0267Getting away from it all is such a nice reset – I come back feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready to get back to it!  The clean air, the sounds of nature (in my case the McKenzie River flowing by), waking up with the sunshine, playing in the dirt – it’s all part of self-care and healing to both your mind and body.   If you haven’t done it yet this summer, make some time to get out in nature and get away from technology and let me know how you feel when you get back!


What’s your favorite way to reset? 



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear patients,

I've got your back


So happy to know you, grateful to be entrusted with your care and beyond appreciative for the kind words and referrals.   Thank you for taking care of yourself.

(anatomical) hearts and flowers,


ps – if you love the anatomically themed valentines, check out more of Carrie Martin’s designs.

Anatomy Riot: a review

You’re a dancer, a teacher, a yoga and pilates instructor…needless to say your body is your life; so what happens when it starts working against you and major surgery (and lengthy recovery) becomes your most viable option? 

Emily Running, a professional dancer, aerialist and yoga teacher  faces this very life altering question.  In this memoir about a pivotal point in her life, Emily explores not only the physical after-effects of injury and recovery as an athlete who has built her professional life around her body and it’s abilities, but also the financial, emotional and social implications of these events.   An engaging story of confrontation with self and identity, vulnerability and strength.  A must-read for anyone who has ever experienced chronic pain or injury – Emily reminds you that you’re not alone and what you feel is real and that the struggle can open up new perspectives.

What happens when your reality comes to an abrupt edge? What if you determine that your best option is to jump? What do you focus on when in the middle of the free-fall? Twelve years into her career as a professional dancer, aerialist, and yoga teacher, a critical diagnosis forces Emily to make a life-altering decision: should she go through with a surgery that could end her struggle with chronic pain, but could also destroy her life as she knows it? With her career, her health, and her identity at risk, her future seems precarious at best. Journal entries, emails, text conversations, and notes from doctors appointments guide the reader through her story. Captured with unique insight, Emily reveals the powerful connection of our minds and our bodies, the tangle of mental and emotional turmoil associated with giving up that which defines us, and the vital influence of the people that surround us. Anatomy Riot is a bravely honest and strikingly vulnerable depiction of withstanding adversity with commitment and grace. (Anatomy Riot by Emily Running)

Anatomy Riot is currently available on Amazon.com as a Kindle edition (readable on any smartphone, computer or tablet when you download the free kindle reader app), and coming soon on other e-reader platforms. 

Of note: Emily is a dear friend of mine and I have watched her throughout this experience only to be consistently amazed at the heights to which she has spectacularly recovered and grown.  She is truly an inspiration, and it has been an absolute honor to take but a small part in this journey with her as her acupuncturist (read about some of her experience with me in the book!).  Having just finished reading Anatomy Riot, I am struck by how Emily has been able to translate her personal circumstances in a way that speaks to the broader struggles that so many of my patients face when confronted with pain, injury, surgery and/or recovery: the exasperation of not being able to do what you could before, the depression, the patience required (and frustration experienced) to recover (possibly incompletely) and the sense of identity loss and subsequent reflection and re-finding of self.