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PSU Women’s Rugby Club – now sponsored by Anatomy Acupuncture!

We are pleased to announce Anatomy Acupuncture’s fall 2014 season sponsorship of Portland State Women’s Rugby Football Club!

As a fairly new club, these ladies are working hard, and we’re thrilled to be supporting them.  Check out their schedule and stop by a game.


PSURFC sched

Doctor’s Orders: For Better Health, Put Your Hands in the Dirt | TakePart

I love this!  Prescriptions not only for eating fruits and vegetables instead of taking pills, but actually to get out and garden, grow your own food.

Instead of scribbling out a drug dosage, some doctors are asking patients to incorporate good habits of self-care (like more movement and leafy greens) into their routine, not just as rote advice but as a medical directive—often before their health goes haywire. Doctor’s orders.

-via Doctor’s Orders: For Better Health, Put Your Hands in the Dirt | TakePart.

And not only does  gardening provide moderate activity and let you be intimately involved with your own food produce, but research has also show that getting your hands in the dirt can make you happier (really! UK researchers found a friendly bacteria that is common in soil produces similar effects in the brain as antidepressants).   So what are you waiting for!  Get out and garden!

Running Hood to Coast? We can help!

Are you getting ready for hood to coast next weekend? If so, we are running a promotion just for you.  Because we’d like to see you run the best race you can and recover beautifully we’re offering 20% off our acupuncture services if you book a pre and post race appointment!

see the details on our facebook page below!

Nonsense Dance Company Presents XIBALBA – June 27-28.

Anatomy Acupuncture is thrilled to be a continuing sponsor of Nonsense Dance Company.  We love working with the dancers to help them stay in top shape and absolutely CANNOT WAIT to see Xibalba later in June!

Make sure you put it on your calendar and grab some tickets now – it’s not to be missed!


June 27 and June 28
Dolores Winningstad Theatre
1111 SW Broadway Drive

tickets available at portland5.com


“Death was briefly summarized as the separation of body and soul. For some death and everything that happens after is tied up in religious beliefs. For others what will happen after life is taken from fairy tales or story books read as children. Most believe death is dark and grisly. Some think there is nothing after this life. I’m not sure anyone will really understand what death is until they have experienced it themselves.

Xibalba is one soul’s internal struggle to navigate through all of these religious and secular beliefs. It is a tussle to find peace with a life passed and what was left behind so the soul can accept the end and move to what is waiting after. “