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Pain: Considering Complementary Approaches (eBook) | NCCAM

Check out this free e-book download from the National Institutes of Health on considering complementary approaches to pain.

PainBookCoverTo download – follow this link and pick your preferred download format: Pain: Considering Complementary Approaches (eBook) | NCCAM.

PSU Women’s Rugby Club – now sponsored by Anatomy Acupuncture!

We are pleased to announce Anatomy Acupuncture’s fall 2014 season sponsorship of Portland State Women’s Rugby Football Club!

As a fairly new club, these ladies are working hard, and we’re thrilled to be supporting them.  Check out their schedule and stop by a game.


PSURFC sched

Lumbopelvic Control and Days Missed Because of Injury in Professional Baseball Pitchers. – Am J Sports Med. 2014

pitcheingThis study looked at professional baseball pitchers and how their lumbopelvic control correlated with injury time.  And guess what, poor motor control was associated with more time out due to injury. Or as  Eric Cressey says:


Lumbopelvic control – we’re talking about core stabilization and glutes here – is really important in just about EVERYTHING.  Not just pitching.  Even primarily upper body movements require motor control and stabilization from the lumbopelvic region – so, while this study only looked at it regards to pitching, I would venture to say that poor lumbopelvic control probably is associated with time out due to injury in whatever sport you are part of!

And how do you know if you have poor lumbopelvic control? You get a movement screen.   I can help with that.

abstract here:  Lumbopelvic Control and Days Missed Because … [Am J Sports Med. 2014] – PubMed – NCBI.

Treatment of ankle sprain with acupuncture : Health, News – India Today

ankle sprain

Ankle sprains!   They seem so innocuous sometimes, but can cause long-lasting problems if not treated appropriately.  Even if the swelling and pain isn’t bad, altered motor control and compensatory patterns can occur that don’t return to normal even long after the bruising has disappeared and you’ve regained full range of motion.  Really, it’s not something you want to leave untreated only to have it cause more problems later.  Lucky for you – you know me – and we can do so much more than ice  (side note, please please please stop icing everything) and not only decrease pain and swelling, but help get back your range of motion, stability and motor control.  And as it happens ankle sprains are one of my very favorite things to treat! This is because acupuncture works SO WELL – for both acute and chronic ankle sprains.

From the linked study:

“Of the 126 cases, 98 cases (77.78%) were completely cured, 17cases (13.49%) showed a marked effect, 8cases ( 6.35%) showed a moderate effect, and there was no effect in 3cases 2.38%. The total effective rate was 97.62%. Of the 98 cases that recovered completely, the least number of treatments is 1 and the most is 7, the average is 4 treatments.”

via Health alert: Treatment of ankle sprain with acupuncture : Health, News – India Today.

All this is to say, acupuncture is pretty effective in the treatment of ankle sprains.  Remember this next time you or someone you know rolls an ankle – come in and let me help!