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Pain: Considering Complementary Approaches (eBook) | NCCAM

Check out this free e-book download from the National Institutes of Health on considering complementary approaches to pain.

PainBookCoverTo download – follow this link and pick your preferred download format: Pain: Considering Complementary Approaches (eBook) | NCCAM.

Doctor’s Orders: For Better Health, Put Your Hands in the Dirt | TakePart

I love this!  Prescriptions not only for eating fruits and vegetables instead of taking pills, but actually to get out and garden, grow your own food.

Instead of scribbling out a drug dosage, some doctors are asking patients to incorporate good habits of self-care (like more movement and leafy greens) into their routine, not just as rote advice but as a medical directive—often before their health goes haywire. Doctor’s orders.

-via Doctor’s Orders: For Better Health, Put Your Hands in the Dirt | TakePart.

And not only does  gardening provide moderate activity and let you be intimately involved with your own food produce, but research has also show that getting your hands in the dirt can make you happier (really! UK researchers found a friendly bacteria that is common in soil produces similar effects in the brain as antidepressants).   So what are you waiting for!  Get out and garden!

Can acupuncture aid performance? – via Cycling Weekly

Absolutely! Acupuncture, while most commonly thought of for treatment of pain and injury, can also be extremely effective in prevention and performance.  Many elite athletes from olympians to NFL players use acupuncture, including Tour de France cyclist, Vincenzo Nibalinibali

While massage, compression tights and the correct nutrition are all well known for aiding recovery, acupuncture is not commonly talked about. However it has been used to improve performance in many different sports over the years, including cycling. -via Can acupuncture aid performance?.

Here at Anatomy Acupuncture we treat athletes all the time – it is our goal to help you heal faster and move better!  We’d love to be a part of your training program and help you prevent injury and enhance performance.  Give us a call and ask us how!

How has acupuncture helped your performance?


Lumbopelvic Control and Days Missed Because of Injury in Professional Baseball Pitchers. – Am J Sports Med. 2014

pitcheingThis study looked at professional baseball pitchers and how their lumbopelvic control correlated with injury time.  And guess what, poor motor control was associated with more time out due to injury. Or as  Eric Cressey says:


Lumbopelvic control – we’re talking about core stabilization and glutes here – is really important in just about EVERYTHING.  Not just pitching.  Even primarily upper body movements require motor control and stabilization from the lumbopelvic region – so, while this study only looked at it regards to pitching, I would venture to say that poor lumbopelvic control probably is associated with time out due to injury in whatever sport you are part of!

And how do you know if you have poor lumbopelvic control? You get a movement screen.   I can help with that.

abstract here:  Lumbopelvic Control and Days Missed Because … [Am J Sports Med. 2014] – PubMed – NCBI.