Gaining popularity with professional sports teams, acupuncture is used to help athletes recover from their injuries quickly, prevent future injuries and enhance their overall performance. Acupuncture creates a balanced physical and mental condition which enables optimal athletic performance. Individuals participating in athletics at any level, be it recreational or professional, can benefit from acupuncture as part of their routine. By decreasing recovery time, diminishing muscle soreness and preventing injury acupuncture is useful both for treating injury as well as part of a general conditioning program to enhance overall performance. Acupuncture is used in conjunction with a variety of techniques such as:  tui na (Chinese medical massage), selective functional movement assessment (sfma), kinesio-taping, PNF stretching and corrective exercise to reset and reinforce functional movement patterns. This allows areas that are over-used and/or injured the chance to return to balance and heal, as well as re-establish the proper dynamic between opposing muscle groups. This results in reduced pain, better agility and freedom of movement in the athlete. Acupuncture can be used to treat injuries; in the local area it increases blood circulation which reduces necessary healing time as well as minimizes bruising and swelling. Improved healing and reduction of pain means less time out of practice and makes acupuncture an excellent way to treat strains, sprains and other athletic injuries.  Additionally, acupuncture treats the whole body, not just the injured area, and can be used to enhance performance. By attaining a physical, mental and emotional balance, receiving acupuncture can optimize performance. This is done by promoting relaxation, enabling mental clarity and the ability to focus, decreasing stress and reducing physical discomfort. As acupuncture is advantageous for both the physical and mental aspects involved in the practice of sport; many athletes use acupuncture to relieve the anxiety and stress often inherent in performance, as well as to help them become centered and focused on their tasks. Benefits of acupuncture include: reduced recovery time decreased pain, inflammation, and swelling reduced occurrence of muscle spasms improved circulation decreased stress increased energy, stamina and flexibility improved concentration As research increasingly demonstrates, acupuncture is beneficial on it’s own as well as part of an integrated treatment plan.

Alexis is honored to continue to work with professional and Olympic athletes.  She is comfortable working as part of a training/medical team to help provide coordinated care for elite athletes.  She is available to work with your team on an on-going basis or for short time periods such as training camps.